The Mistry Cookbook!

The Mistry Cookbook!

The printed paper copies!
The printed paper copies!

At every meal in College, I tried to make a new dish. Some experiments went well, others less so. The successful dishes made it into my bi-weekly Scarlet & Black column, “Better Know a Dining Hall,” about different dishes and other creations to make in the Dining Hall. My senior year, I decided to turn my various recipes and techniques for Dining Hall cooking into something less ephemeral than a newspaper column. I applied for and obtained funding from the Student Publications and Radio Committee to create and publish my very own cookbook.

Throughout the year, I collected, retested, and honed the recipes for publishing. My goal was to give people a starting point with broadly adaptable base recipes. I wanted to share my experiences and experiments to help everyone eat healthfully and deliciously. This cookbook was the result. I’m releasing it for free in .pdf format for anyone to print and use for themselves.*




The cover
The cover



(Please note that I retain all copyrights, IP, etc. Feel free to print and distribute in full, but please do not attempt to sell this or pass it off as your own. Thanks! -E)


One thought on “The Mistry Cookbook!

  1. Hey…just went through your cookbook…congratulations!loved your introduction along with your sayings…and of course the delicious (fattening😂😂)recipes…especially your Arby’s sauce…Arby’s is my most favourite…can’t wait to eat one! Well done Eric👍 Tons of love R

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