The Blog is back! (For Real this time)

The Blog is back! (For Real this time)

It’s been a wild year of adventure, but I’m back and cleaning up my blog. Expect things to change rapidly, as I work through different iterations as this blog takes new shape to fit its new purposes.

I’m now employed at Carleton College as an Associate for Academic Technology. In a nutshell, this means that I help faculty, staff, and students with the “why” and “what” questions when it comes to integrating technology into the classroom. As a team, we are placing a big emphasis on the pedagogy behind using and teaching technology, and continually experimenting and iterating to create the best possible results for everyone who we work with.

So far, I’ve been having a fantastic time and learning a ton.* This field is incredibly interesting to me, and really an ideal combination of my two passions, education and technology. I’m anticipating a variety of posts on my new work, some more casual posts about life as a twenty-something young professional, and my various projects that I end up pursuing.

So, dear reader, welcome back. I’ve missed you.


*An actual post with further elaboration of my current roles will be coming soon!


2 thoughts on “The Blog is back! (For Real this time)

  1. Hi Eric And yes welcome back! Looking forward to your blogs…work sounds really interesting Much love Ruksh

  2. Eric,

    Please change my address in your blog mailings to my iCloud address. I am trying to drop the iowatelecom address.




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